Living Walls for Property Developers

Living Walls for Property Developers

27 September 2019



Living Walls incorporated into a compact gated property development

Living Walls
improve property sales values. Providing plants and landscape at both small and large development sites has been shown to improve property sales and value. Living Walls offer an optimum opportunity to incorporate plants where horizontal space is at a premium, no other 'construction' cladding or service can offer the following benefits:

Reduce the urban heat island
Improve biodiversity
Improve localised air quality
Attenuate water run off
Support health and well-being
Reduce noise
Improve creativity and productivity

Increased urbanisation means that bringing plants back into the heart of our cities is high on the agenda, with a forecast from the United Nations estimating that 68% of the worlds population will live in urbanised areas by 2050 it is crucial that we re-instate biodiversity to ‘put back what we have taken away’.

Living Wall Installation

A Living Wall designed for a South London based Property Developer, this 42m2 living wall at a gated development was installed over a 4-day period.
Bringing a new dimension to the limited outdoor space the living wall infuses the location with greenery and provides plant biodiversity and habitat for the birds, bugs and bees. The Scotscape team also installed a series of planters into the courtyard further beautifying the space and making this development a true oasis of calm from frenetic city life.

‘We had a Living Wall designed and installed in our gated development in SW London. We chose Scotscape, not only as they were the most competitively priced, but had a system designed to last and benefit the plants. The Living Wall itself has been a huge success and the whole process from design through to installation and maintenance has been seamless. It was not a difficult decision to award them the additional landscaping within the development. All in all it has been a pleasure working with the Scotscape team’

Ian Ainsworth - Developer

Living Walls for Property Developers Image of gated courtyard with Living Wall
Living Walls for Property Developers Image of gated courtyard with Living Wall

Living Walls for Property Developers Image of courtyard garden with Living Wall
Living Walls for Property Developers Image of courtyard garden with Living Wall


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Living Walls & Urban Greening

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