Scotscape offer exceptional moss products as part of our living walls service for inclusion in interior projects. As part of the principles of biophilic design, incorporating nature and greenery into interiors improves the health and well-being experienced by staff and other users of public or private spaces.

Moss developed over 450 million years ago, today there are approximately 16,000 know varieties. It does not have any harmful effects on the environment (such as mold formation) and is therefore very popular for use in the decorative design of living and working spaces.

The soft structure connects nature based design (Biophilic Design) with improved acoustics. Thus Scotscape’s installations are an integral component of holistic indoor design – supporting the strong market trend towards creating calmer more natural environments.

Scotscape moss products do not require irrigation, this makes them perfect for installation in locations where application of irrigation is impractical. Thanks to their structure they are anti-static and improve room acoustics.

The range is extensive and includes multi-coloured samples and natural finishes, it gives the design community a wonderful product to work with which can be applied to projects in a multitude of ways, and includes the following:

Hill moss

Reindeer moss

Bespoke moss design

Round moss shield

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