Vegetated retaining living wall - Flex MSE

Vegetated retaining living wall - Flex MSE

How it works

Flex MSE is a Patented engineered solution for vegetated retaining walls and erosion control.

Flex MSE Bags and Interlocking Plates are used to build naturally resilient Geomodular structures.

A unique soft building material which exhibits hard material qualities, Flex MSE adapts to events that would ruin lesser systems, and only gets stronger and greener as time goes on.

Flex MSE is a Patented system which leverages Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) principles along with geotextile technology to create strong and easy to install Geomodular block structures.

Building with Flex MSE

Flex MSE Bags are:

  • Filled with sand and organics
  • An ideal “planter block” for many types of vegetation
  • Water and root permeable
  • Flexible enough to create almost any contour or angle

Flex MSE Plates are:

  • Made from 100% recycled material
  • Designed to bridge the gap between Bags to create an interlocking mechanical connection
  • Engineered with Friction Strips for greater Bag to Bag mechanical connection and Geogrid hooks to connect to soil reinforcement

The Flex MSE Vegetated Living Walls system provides the strength or interlocking components without the need for concrete, rebar, wire mesh or other formwork.

Applications & Uses

Civil Infrastructure

  • Slope Repairs (shallow and reinforced)
  • Retaining Walls
  • Highway Walls
  • Bridge Abutments
  • Noise Barriers
  • Levees / Dikes

Commercial and Residential

  • Large Landscaping Walls
  • Garden Walls
  • Site Levelling and Optimization
  • Golf Courses and Parks

Anywhere Land meets Water

  • Culverts and Pump Stations
  • Stream bank Protection
  • River Bank Protection
  • Coastal Protection
  • Channel Linings
  • Detention / Retention Ponds and Reservoirs
  • Irrigation Canals, Ditches

Emergency Use

  • Permanent Flood Protection Walls
  • Wind and Storm Protection Walls
  • Blast Walls and Bunkers


1. Flex MSE cuts installation times

Flex MSE walls install in 2/3 to 1/2 of the time of conventional walls.

2. Flex MSE is lightweight and easy to transport

93m2 (1000ft2) of unfilled Flex MSE ships on a single pallet.

3. Flex MSE is cost effective

The all in cost for Flex MSE walls are generally 40-50% less than other systems. Savings in machine, labour, material and transportation costs make Flex MSE an obvious choice for helping generate project cost savings.

4. Flex MSE walls are easy to construct

DIY’ers to professional contractors can install Flex MSE using our simple installation methods.

5. Flex MSE is ideal for a wide variety of applications

Flex MSE works seamlessly with utilities and landforms and integrates perfectly with other building materials and systems.

6. Longevity

With Flex MSE 75 year warranty, lifetime costs can be 1/4 of conventional systems.

Installation and Vegetation


  • Place Flex MSE Plates 760mm (30″) apart in a shallow, relatively level trench
  • Center a Flex MSE Bag on top of each Plate, laid end to end
  • Place a single Flex MSE Plate over each Bag joint, in a 1:1 ratio
  • Lay each row of Bags squarely over the Flex MSE Plates, creating an offset “running bond” pattern. Plates should be completely covered
  • Tamp or lightly compact the Bags to create a level course
  • Place and compact backfill every two courses or as required
  • Repeat this process until the desired height is reached, adding reinforcement as required
  • When using Geogrid, the Flex MSE Plate’s Patented Grid Hooks secure geogrid at the select layers.


  • A key advantage of Flex MSE is its ability to accept almost all types of vegetation over 100% of the face
  • Vegetation can include grasses, ground covers, flowers, vines and small shrubs
  • Hydroseeding, live planting and live staking walls are examples of vegetation methods that work well with the Flex MSE system

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