Wire Trellis Living Walls

Wire Trellis Living Walls

Wire Trellis

Stainless steel wire green wall systems provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable living wall solution for design and construction professionals, offering another alternative to vertical greening. Wire rods, ropes and web-mesh options enables architects to realise a variety of designs on the vast majority of building structures – achieving environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions that deliver a range of aesthetic, performance and cost benefits.

Wire Trellis systems offer cost benefits especially in terms of maintenance, where typically climbing plants are established direct into existing substrate – mitigating the need for frequent maintenance visits. Where budgets are tight, wire trellis systems are ideal, and still offer the biodiversity benefits achieved by the more controlled aesthetic of our living wall system.

The system is equally suited to new build and retro-fit projects and can be fixed to the majority of façade materials. For advice on the most appropriate fixing methods for different materials and structures and for guidance on planting please contact our technical support team.

Scotscape offers full installation and maintenance of wire systems.

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