Smart Pillar

Smart Pillar

About Smart Pillar

'Smart Pillar' is a smart greening system designed by the Scotscape Smartscape team to retrofit London's lamp-posts or other column structures with biodiverse planting to support pollinators and improve air quality.

What are the Benefits of Smart Pillar?

Smart Pillar Benefits

* Smart Solar Technology powers irrigation

* Urban greening mitigates air pollution

* All year round attractive foliage and colour for placemaking

* Commercial revenue opportunities using signage and sponsorship

* Smart Irrigation recirculation system - no water wastage

* High water retension fabric to maximise water use

* Innovative construction using patented Fytotextile which supports long term plant growth

* Improves biodiversity and provides bird and bug lines into inner cities

* Enhances wayfinding through city centres

* Corporate, social responsibility - green wins

* Easily installed and Easily maintained

* Decorative lighting and seasonal planting for special events

Types of Smart Pillar

Smart Pillar is available with three types of planting to benefit the urban environment.

The ‘Pollution relief’ pillar is full of plants to mitigate pollution

‘Biodiversity blend’ is planted to provide foraging for birds bees and butterflies throughout the year

‘Flower Tower’ is full of flowering plants bringing a wow factor to any thoroughfare.

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